Thursday, March 24, 2016

diy / natural dye easter eggs

i tend to avoid projects that become too much of a hassle / mess. making your own egg dye, is way more simple than i imagined. i've seen so many interesting natural ingredients to change the color of white eggs, we had to do some experimenting ourselves. 

if your up for a science experiment, using food you probably already have, keep scrolling... 


- 12 white eggs (brown eggs work too, not as strong of a color)
- 6 - 8 cups
- 2 tbsp of natural ingredient
- 1.5 tbsp of vinegar (brightens the color)
- marker for decorating

 natural ingredients (in order of brightest natural dye):
- Turmeric
- Beets
- Blueberries
- Grape Juice
- Cabbage
- Spinach
- Coffee (i think this would make a nice color, but i ended up drinking it instead of dying, oops)

we weren't very patient and soaked them for 10-15 min. the longer you soak the darker the color.

Ok Turmeric and Beets are the JAM. If we left these in over night they would probably be NEON yellow and pink. Not so excited by either the spinach or the cabbage. Cabbage actually dyes blue, but I found that the blueberries did a better job. Grape juice did a great job as well. I like that they all came out pastel colors and sort of matched.

we let them dry. and gave them some ink.

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