Tuesday, March 22, 2016


1. [chewable charm silicone teething necklace]  i love this style of chew necklace because it isn't very heavy on the neck, doesn't get stuck in your hair.. and totally doesn't look like someone slobbered all over it after you wipe it dry. i wear mine even when i'm not with my tiny.

2. [baby banana infant teething toothbrush] you put your hand up on my hip, when i dip, you dip, we dip. but really, this banana is a big hit around here. even big brother likes to chew on it.

3. [toofeze baby soother / teether] i have yet to try this (i mean jules has yet to try this, we have yet to try this ha) but i am so intrigued by the metal part that you actually can freeze or stick in cold water.'

4. [green sprouts wooden ring rattle] one word. wood. i love wooden toys. this is very well designed and not only makes a great teether, but also a rattle. 

5. [comotomo silicone baby teether] this is baby jules absolute #1 favorite. its light and easy to hold. he doesn't choke on the legs because they are short enough not to gag him.

6. [mam mini teething cooler] this bad boy goes in the fridge at night so its nice and cool in the morning. the clip is the best invention ever. i dont have to bend over to pick it up 384973847 times a day. thanks mam!

7. [sugarbooger silicone teether - matryoshka doll] first of all, i'm obsessed with this company's name, sugarbooger. pretty sure my baby son thinks his name is sugar (sugar bear to be exact) anyways... this design is pretty cute and i'm sure it tastes just as cute to a drool face.

8. [mombella dancing elephant teether] this is currently sitting in my amazon shopping cart. since the comotomo might want a break from drooly julie.

what are your favorites?

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