Wednesday, June 15, 2016

yoomi feeding system

we are pretty excited we got to try out this bottle warming system made exclusively by [yoomi].
this british company is rocking this new idea of warming the milk INSIDE the "teat" as they say in england. this feeding system comes with a bottle, a warming pod, and a microwavable container.
you can warm your pod in boiling water or charge it in the microwave. it keeps its charge, and when you are ready to heat up the milk, you simply push the button, wait 30 seconds, and feed that screaming baby ;)

 first you put your brestmilk / formula in the base of the bottle:
 put the warmer inside of the "teat" (i can't get enough of that word) and push the button to activate.
 place the bottle upside down (30 seconds) allowing the milk to flow through the warmer pod's maze, heating up your milk to the perfect temperature.

 I also love the size of the bottle, makes it easy for baby jules to hold it himself.

we are yoomi fans over here.
check it out. use code BEINGAMUMMY for 15% off
[us shop]
[uk shop]

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