Saturday, December 20, 2014

d e c e m b e r

1. [thief and bandit x roxy marj- limited edition woodland dress] two amazing designers in one dress! if only linc wore dresses, but they also have these available in leggings!

2. [shawnimals- zombie ninja] this company started out small in chicago and now is super successful with these ninjas. they make great ornaments for the christmas tree! i love the christmas zombie.

3. [wolfancub - eye on you leggings] a creative mama designer opened up an adorable children's shop this year. check out this awesome eye print.

4. [hanna andersson - green mittens] these mittens go inside the coat and stay there. no more missing mittens for little cold hands.

5. [heritage littles - bennett balance bike] a local bike shop in chicago opened up a mini bike shop/ cookie bar, just for kids! i love the design of this balance bike.

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