Friday, August 28, 2015

clean living / prepping for baby with Earth Friendly Products

if you've been following along lately, you know i'm in full blown "nesting" state of mind, maybe a tad earlier than most, but who cares.. this is my last baby/ pregnancy and i'm going to nerd out on the prepping. [baby ECOS] was so nice to send over some natural cleaning products to make this transition a breeze. I got to do my first (second) pre newborn load of laundry the other day. Baby ECOS [laundry detergent] is gentle, non-toxic and hypoallergenic. the clothes came out soft and smelling fresh.

one of my favorite things about having two boys (aside from the constant need of soap and cleaning products) is going through lincoln's old baby clothes for the new baby. its kind of like going through an old photo album. you remember what outfits went with certain adventures and memories. seeing how tiny these little clothes are makes me so excited to meet the baby guy that will be wearing them next. 

a few favorite newborn textures and colors.

Baby ECOS [here and there cleaner] made it easy to give the [mini crib] a good wipe down.

even though toys are down the road from newborns, it was fun to reminisce about lincoln's favorites and make a bin of clean toys for the new baby. just like new, thanks to Baby ECOS [toy & table cleaner]

thank you [ECOS] for this lovely supply. i can guarantee it will get used up over the next few months!

Baby ECOS Laundry Detergent (Free & Clear) is now available at Rite Aid stores nationwide AND our NEW Baby ECOS Fruit & Veggie Wash is available at select Babies “R” Us stores nationwide. Made with love and pure ingredients for your little one! 

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