Tuesday, September 1, 2015

second baby registry

what's great about a second child, is you really dont need all the extras you received when you were pregnant the first time. you probably realize you dont use most of it anyways. here is my list of basic needs and "upgrades".

1. [oxo tot - wipe dispenser] - this dispenser is amazing for one handed wipe pulls. it has an even weight on the wipes so you don't get a bunch stuck together. making it easier for a mother of two to get a quick diaper change.

2. [tubby todd - soap and lotion gift set] - soap is always needed in a life with two kids (two boy kids especially) add soap gift sets to your registry and save yourself from having to restock all the time.

3. [babyganics newborn diapers] - ditto for diapers. and these are a great chlorine free plant based disposable diaper, if your not going the cloth diaper route. they are "green", affordable, and dont leak.

4. [babyletto mini crib] - we dont have enough space right now for a regular size crib in our room. eventually they will share a room but for now, this mini crib is a great compact place for a tiny new baby to sleep.

5. [born free - glass bottles] - we used born free bottles since lincoln was a tiny guy. i mainly breastfed, but would also pump to have an extra supply. these bottles are great for breastfed babies. we will probably get a few new nipples to upgrade the old ones.

6. [soul ring sling] - you'll need extra hands with two. baby wearing is the best way to keep your sanity, and i cant say enough good things about these soul slings. amazing fabric.

7. [4moms- bounceroo] if your like us, and didn't want a giant swing in your small apartment, then this is a great alternative because it doesn't take up much space.. something to put the baby down on and give your back a break. its got three levels of vibrations, which was lincoln's favorite lullaby.

8. [baby jogger - city select] - if your city people like us, you cant really get by without a good stroller. we walk everywhere and its nice to have both kids strapped in. i especially like this stroller because lincoln is going to eventually out grow it and this one will convert back into a single.

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