Thursday, October 20, 2016

Jules is ONE / camping picnic party

 when a year goes by this fast it's scary! i cannot believe my baby is 1! 
to celebrate, we had a picnic at a neighborhood park.
the fenced in area kept the babies contained, the playground entertained the older siblings and the coffee entertained the adults.
decorations were simple, i painted these cardboard trees inspired by [roxy marj] who made his bear blanket that he was photographed in for the [monthly milestones] which you can see are printed out and used as a banner. seeing the growth from 1 month to 12 months is amazing.
lincoln had the same monthly banner at his [carnival themed first birthday]
the felt fire was sewn and put into this awesome metal container i thrifted.
balloons become more spunky with a little [tissue paper tassel]
you also cant go wrong with a donut tree and [mini s'mores]

this tent is pretty much part of the family. also seen at [lincolns lego batman party
the only change i make from party to party is the garland.
adopt / make your own [a-frame tent] with this easy diy post.
 the spread was easy, inspired by autumn. since the party was in the morning, we had: 
- coffee [thanks heritage!]
- bagels
- pumpkin muffins
- apples and caramel dipping sauce
- fruit
- mini s'mores
- donut tree
- apple cinnamon sticks

 this adorable smash cake (and the "goodie bag" cookies below) 
were baked and created by the beautiful and talented [@amandajanebakes]

 our 1 balloon decided to take off a little early.
i always try to personalize as much as i can, without going overboard.
i found this [mountain bodysuit] and sewed a plaid 1 on it.

 Jules was the cleanest smash cake baby. took one lick and decided he's good. 
luckily we had a ton of kids to share with.

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