Monday, July 3, 2017

cribs / lincoln & julius' big boy shared room

this is an update from the previous [shared room post] - julius upgraded from a crib!
linc & jules have loved sharing a room. i went with a very basic naturey theme, and of course lincoln has his flare with his superhero sheets. their room is filled with memories and lots of love; trees from [julius' first birthday], their [growth chart], handmade gifts from friends, favorite books, blocks with their birth year.. etc.

living in the city, you dont get to be picky with bedroom size. i've been inspired by all the tiny houses people are living in. its amazing how many options you have for such a little space. 

other than the crib being gone, i've updated their closet to be a play area with a firetruck house and bins of brio train tracks. i plan on posting their play/ work space next week! since lincoln is in montessori, he is very into "doing work" and i've created a workspace alongside my studio for the boys to "work" with me. stay tuned :) 

bunk bed: [ikea kura bed]
[blanket - handmade by amelia] & [pillowfort - comforter]
dream catcher: [handmade by amanda]
moon phases mobile: [diy]
growth chart ruler: [diy]
pine tree paintings: [julius' first birthday decor

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