Tuesday, July 15, 2014

diy / macramé plant hanger

city gardening is tough. and i'm really into plants. i always run out of space to put my favorites and i want them all to have the best sunlight.
this plant hanger is great for small apartments or if you have a lot of window space but no furniture around. takes only a few minutes to make.

- macramé cord / yarn / thick string or rope
- hook for wall or ceiling 
- wooden bead (optional)
- plant pot (for sizing)

1. cut 4 pieces; 8 feet long (add or subtract a foot depending on desired length)
2. put all four strings together and tie a loop in the middle, giving yourself 8 strings to work with.
3. separate your strings in pairs of two; then about 20 inches down, knot each pair- making sure all the knots are at the same length. 
4. take one string from the left knot and tie it to one string on the right knot (about 2-4 inches down from your first knots). keep knotting these pairs until its a loop. 
5. another few inches down, tie a big knot using all the strings. you can decorate the bottom with a bead or beads. i used one large wooden bead. 
6. put your pot in. see if you need to adjust at all.. or find the right size pot to fit your beautiful plant hanger. 
7. hang your plant in a special place. i recommend southern facing windows. 

side note: since this is so easy to make.. its hard to give exact measurements. when i made these two i moved around the knots until it fit right. but its about 2-4 inches between levels of knots. 

plants shown above are a pencil cactus & a baby spider plant

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