Saturday, August 8, 2015

cribs / lincoln's toddler room

play kitchen: [duktig - ikea]
school desk: vintage hand-me-down from lincoln's papa
baby monitor: [ibaby]
growth chart ruler: [diy]
art: [jon burgerman] [sonni

we have a few upgrades since the crib has left the room. we gave lincoln a toddler bed, which he loves and feels like such a big boy. and moved his bed over by his dresser, and made the other half of his room a "play room." he loves having all his toys in there (and its nice to have them out of the living room.) right now his favorite toys are brio trains and duplo legos. he got this awesome play kitchen for christmas last year. and now that he's sporty spice, he has basketball hoop in his room (basketball is definitely a favorite over the other sports). we plan on the boys sharing a room down the road... and i am already getting ideas on how to change it up for two boys.. but for the beginning, were going to keep baby #2 in our room. 

side note: since potty training, lincoln likes to be pretty much naked all day. excuse undie photos from here on out. 

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